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When you come to Fresh, it's important to remember that you are on a little train. (Key word being little...) The restaurant is in the first of three railcars, so what you see is what we have to work with. The kitchen is NOT in the second car, as some assume- it's all contained within the Grenfeld (Train car #1, as it was called in its day- 1931). The washroom is located in the train station, just beside the restaurant, and we regret that dynamics to not allow for wheelchair accessibility.

We stay true to our name. Every six weeks our entire menu is changed (with the exception of the Chocolate lover's plate). Every sauce, every dish, every fresh cut steak, every creation that leaves the kitchen is prepared by Stephen (the chef), and only Stephen. Every reservation taken, table served, drink made- is done by Sara (the owner). There is no room for extra staff! (Aside of course, from the wonderful part time girls- keeping the silver shiny and the crystal sparkling.)

It's fresh because we want to put out nothing less, but even if that weren't the case; we have no choice! We hope you value and appreciate what we do and that you embrace it. Sit back, take in your surroundings, appreciate the attention to detail, and enjoy the ride. You should expect to stay with us for the evening, typically a two to four hour stay, depending on the size of your party, and the number of guests on board that evening. We are proud to offer a refreshing change to dining out.

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FRESH receives Diamond Award

Fresh receives 4 diamond award for the seventh consecutive year for 2017

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